Our team has Indianized the diet to suit the palate of Indians and have published a book of 100 recipes to suit all regions of India. He has made the ketogenic diet simpler and easier by eliminating the fasting period, hospitalization and by reducing the fat content required to make the diet more palatable..

  • The diet is as if not more efficacious than the medications.
  • The newer medications have around 30-50% efficacy while the diet has around 40-70% efficacy. In our center and in Korea the efficacy is over 75%.
  • There is further a great saving in the reduction or elimination of medication
  • They have treated over 200 patients
  • They also have a website www. ketogenic dietindia.org

Epilepsy camps are held three times a year in Bidada (Bidada Sarvodaya  Trust) and Bhojay (Bhojay Sarvadaya Trust), Kutch, Gujarat. In these camps EEG is done free. Consultation and advice given by Dr. Nathan is also free. Detailed counseling is done by trained Kutchi-speaking volunteers. Allopathic medication is given at concessional rates.