Purple Day has really spread all over India and has ‘arrived’.

This year on March 22nd 2014, we shall be training over 150 teachers from the municipal school for the mentally challenged on how to manage their children with epilepsy and hands-on training on how to use the Midazolam spray in school. Each school will receive a FREE spray bottle.

On 26th March 2014 there is a live interview with Dr. Shamim Nathan at 1 pm program ‘Sakhi’ on Sahyadri channel (Marathi) Topic – Epilepsy on the Occasion of Purple Day International

Last year we facilitated over 12,000 events all over India. This year we expect more than 12,000 in form of Radio shows, Road shows, T.V. shows, Newspaper articles and on You tube. Basic information on epilepsy will be uploaded in 20 different regional languages with interviews by 250 doctors on epilepsy .