90% cancer is occurred by lifestyle disorders like western diet, lack of physical activity, use of tobacco and stress; environmental causes like exposure to carcinogenic pollutants in food and water, chemicals and UV radiation. Rarely cancer is genetic (5-10%). The standard treatments are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. All three together have improved 5 year survival from 2% to fewer than 10%. The side effects of these treatments are debilitating and increases morbidity.

The ideal treatment for cancer is –
• Attacking only cancer cells
• Spare body cells
• Strengthen body cells

This can be achieved by targeting the metabolic difference between cancer cells and body cells. Cancer cells can use only glucose as energy which is liberated from carbohydrate. Body cells can use ketone bodies as energy which is liberated from fat. Thus, using ketogenic diet with high fat, very low carbohydrate and normal protein is the best therapy as the diet provides ketone bodies those only attack cancer cells, spare normal cells, strengthen body cells by providing 50% more energy than glucose. So, the ketogenic diet is ideal therapy for ketogenic diet.

Our Experience:

JS is a bright 15 year old boy suffering from brain tumor since May 2007.He was operated on 4 times but it recurred every time. The parents came to know about Dr. Nathan from the Internet. When JS first came to Dr. Nathan’s clinic in 2015 he needed two people to help him walk and could not even stand on his own. . He has been on ketogenic diet since one year. He now walks on his own without support and stamina has also increased. He is very proud of his hair and is not bald as after chemotherapy.

JS and his parents thanked Dr. Nathan and team for changing Jeet’s life.