Dear Colleagues,

It’s ‘Purple’ time of the year as the countdown to March 26th (Purple Day) begins. It was just a few years ago when we introduced India and Asia to this, now International epilepsy awareness initiative of a 9 year old Canadian girl – Cassidy Megan.

Today it has grown into a multi-city campaign but still the ‘treatment gap’ remains high, especially in the rural hinterland. We should now concentrate on spreading the word that epilepsy is eminently controllable to these far-flung regions. Let us join hands together and even partner the pharma companies to achieve the dream of a‘Seizure-free’ India. Remember the ocean is only made up of drops so every effort though seemingly small will help in reaching this goal.

I look forward to your active participation. Please send photos and write-ups of your activity so we can upload them on which is linked to Purple Day International.

Thanking you,

Dr. J. Nathan